The solution at hand

Our mission is to solve manufacturers’ raw material supply problems.

Our Values


We are driven by an overriding desire, which implies exceeding objectives and expectations, continuous improvement and the adoption of the best practices. Our goal is to become and remain a partner of choice for our clients.


Our genuine business strategy, the ability to innovate, sets us apart from our competitors.

Service (customer proximity)

In an effort to meet our customers' expectations even better, we prefer to accompany them from the beginning of their supply chain. We want to be seen as business partners whose goal is to achieve a common objective.


Commitment refers to the willingness to communicate well between the different partners (management, employees, customers, suppliers), as well as to ensure our development within the team so that our company can be fully efficient.


Nothing beats mutual respect to create a work environment where open-minded rather than judgmental exchanges prevail.

mission valeurs